Soft Seat Gasket Is Small But Integral Part of Your B&G Sprayer

Soft Seat Gasket Is Small But Integral Part of Your B&G Sprayer

Posted by Andrew Greess on Mar 21, 2017

The Soft Seat Gasket is a small, but integral part of the B&G sprayer. Hidden within the tip of the sprayer it controls when the spray is released after pulling the trigger and prevents it from leaking. When the trigger is pulled a stopper is pulled back opening space in front of the Seat Gasket and slips back into place when the trigger is released. This is a small part that you might not think about until it's leaking. It will be a part that you will need to replace over the lifetime of your B&G sprayer, as the rubber ring inside wears out with use. 

At we recommend ordering a few extra Seat Gaskets to always have some on hand. This way if/when your sprayer starts to leak you can simply go to your extra parts drawer and not have to worry about product loss or work stoppage waiting for the part to arrive. Get yours and other B&G parts at

Andrew Greess: Hi, this is Andrew Greess at Quality Equipment, Today, I'm talking about your B&G Sprayer and some of the parts you're likely going to need to do maintenance on.

One of the first parts to require maintenance is the B&G SP‑159 Soft Seat Gasket. This unit is actually what keeps your sprayer from leaking or allows it to spray.

When you squeeze your trigger, it's pulling back a stopper. It's opening up a space in front of the soft seat gasket. When you let go of the handle, the stopper sits in the seat and prevents water from getting past it.

There's a little rubber ring in there, and that wears out. This is clearly an item that you want to keep in your emergency repair kit. Keep a couple of these on hand in the office so that when your B&G does start leaking, you can put one of these in quickly and get right back to work.

For your B&G Soft Seat Gasket or any of your other B&G repair parts, please visit us at Thanks for watching.