Qspray Expands Power Spray Rig  Money Back Guarantee

Qspray Expands Power Spray Rig Money Back Guarantee

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 16, 2017

Quality Equipment & Spray and, the nation’s leading pest/weed/landscape spray equipment provider is please to announce that we have expanded our money back guarantee on our popular power sprayer rigs.

50 gallon 12-volt pest control spray rig

Quality Equipment/Qspray offers the industry’s and the nation’s only MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on  power sprayer rigs. Previously the money back guarantee was for 30 days. Quality/Qspray has expanded the money back guarantee to 90 days.

Qspray guarantees your purchase of one it’s popular standard rigs:

25-Gallon 12-Volt Electric Sprayer

25-Gallon Low-Profile Compact 12-Volt Sprayer

50-Gallon 12-Volt Electric Sprayer

100-Gallon Gas Powered Sprayer

If you are not happy with your sprayer within the first 90 days, Qspray will buy it back at full price AND pay freight both ways!

How can Quality Equipment afford to make this guarantee?

Here is the President, Andrew Greess:

“We have sold hundreds and hundreds of these power spray rigs. We do not have any problems with them. We have engineered them for maximum productivity and customers love them. In fact, over the many years and hundreds of sprayers, we have only had to buy back 1 spray rig. It was actually my fault. I knew before I sold it to the guy it was going to be a problem. He was one of those people you can never make happy and I should have walked away. “

Click to read the  spray rig guarantee.