Pest Control Sprayer - Squeeze in that 2nd Tank

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 23, 2016

Customer requested we add a 2nd tank to his  pest control spray rig.  Unfortunately, there was absolutely no room for it.  Our team found a way.  They found a vertical (tall, skinny) 15 gallon tank and found a way to make it fit with the existing pest control sprayer:      

2nd tank pest control

The tank wouldn't fit flat on the bed because of the slope of the wheel well on 1 side and the tank band from the existing tank on the other side.  We fabricated a steel frame to raise the tank a couple of inches then secured the upper part of the tank to the steel tool box to provide additional stability.  Client was very happy.

add 2nd tank pest control

When it comes to  pest control equipment, It is much easier to build a dual tank system up front.   Once everything is in place, there is a lot less flexibility.  It takes longer and costs more.  In this case, it was worth it to the client to have the additional tank & pest control product on the truck.