Pest Control Equipment Can Be a Real Drag

Posted by Andrew Greess on Mar 31, 2018

Pest Control Equipment- Ignorance is Not Bliss

Our pest control equipment repair shop sees lots of problems and damage that is completely avoidable.  Here are some great examples of expensive repairs that could have been avoided if the technician had taken 30 seconds to check his or her equipment.

This photo shows a trailer plug that has been destroyed by being dragged down the road.  If the technician had only checked this at the start of his day, this damage could have been avoided.  Please note that this is not a particularly expensive part.  The cost is in stopping what you are doing, driving to the repair location, hoping they have a replacement part, waiting for the repair then driving back to the route.  How many appointments did this tech have to cancel because of his negligence?

weed control spray trailer damage

The next photo is one of my favorites.  It shows the tip of a Spraying Systems AAS36 Spray Gun, which was dragged down the road for quite some time.  The gun, which was obviously unsecured, bounced out of the vehicle and like a loyal dog, chased its master down the freeway.  

dragged spraying systems tip

The thing I find most interesting about this photo is how the perfect the wear pattern is.  This tech was obviously a very good driver.  He was smooth and even in his driving.  How else could this tip wear so evenly?  Unfortunately, despite being a good driver, he was a lousy tech.  Forget the damage to the tip and the time spent driving to our pest control equipment repair shop.  What would have happened if instead of just dragging down the road, the gun had hit a bump and bounced into someone's windshield?  Can you say lawsuit?  Can you say goodbye to your company?  Crazy!

If your  pest control equipment or weed spray equipment contains a hose reel, please take 15 seconds before you drive off and check it for safety. Make sure the hose reel is locked and any spray gun or tool is properly secured.

Here is another issue. Hose Reel lock is missing and a jerry-rigged solution using a piece of cord is used. 

Hose Reel lock

Here is what happened in this case, the Green Garde gun bounced off the trailer and was a total loss:

pest control equipment can be a real drag

CHEAP. STUPID. SHORT SIGHTED. If your company can't afford a reel lock, then a) if you are an employee, find another company to work for, or b) if you are the owner, shut down the company and go work for someone else.

A few thoughts:

1. Check your pest control hose reel before driving off and make sure it is locked

2. Electric reels don't have locks because if they did, some idiot would burn up the motor by rewinding the reel with it locked. Anyway, check it for safety & security

3. Make sure guns are secured in the bed or in some other manner

4. Equipment on trailers bounces around more than on trucks so if you pull a trailer, be extra cautious.

5. Periodically test the hose reel lock to make sure it is sound and operating properly. Sometimes they get out of alignment and require an adjustment.

Check your equipment before driving off.  If you are the boss, train your technicians to do this.  Periodically inspect their vehicles to make sure they are doing it.

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