PCT Magazine Podcast - Boosting Pest Control Revenue

PCT Magazine Podcast - Boosting Pest Control Revenue

Posted by Andrew Greess on Sep 20, 2018

Pest Control Technology PCT Magazine editor Brad Harbison recently interviewed me for their PCT Podcast.  The interview was a follow up to the feature article I recently authored,Revenue Boosters (click to read).

Here are some of the topics Brad & I discussed to help you become more productive and grow your Pest / Landscape Business Revenues.

- Eliminating & outsourcing non-revenue generating tasks

How to identify which tasks to get rid of and how to get rid of them effectively

- Boosting owner productivity

              Tips for boosting productivity and ime management.  For example, are you using "Airplane Mode" enough?

- How to improve your company website

        Too many pest control & landscape websites are brochure-ware.

pct podcast revenue boosters

        How to create webpages that attract & retain customers

- What is a drip campaign & how do you use it to capture & retain customers?

- What are some effective ways to capture customer contact info?

- Online reviews.  How & how often should a pest control / landscape company be monitoring them?

- Social media.  How to decide where to play?

- Is physical marketing (e.g, mail, print ads) dead?  If not, why not and how should it be used?

These are a couple of the topics covered in the podcast. I think you will find it interesting.  Click the PODCAST photo above to listen.  

Also, for Podcast listeners and readers of this blog post, i have created 3 free marketing tools.  

 1.     21 Strategies for Immediate Income from Your Existing Customers

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Comments?  Suggestions? I would love to hear them.