​Parts Matter In Pest Control & Landscape Spray Equipment

​Parts Matter In Pest Control & Landscape Spray Equipment

Posted by Andrew Greess on Feb 25, 2021

Many people purchase expensive pest and landscape spray equipment but do not think too much about the maintenance or the parts for that equipment. Here is a tip – parts are actually a huge part of your purchase!

Your spray equipment is heavily used over many long hours, with harsh chemicals, and often in extreme temperatures. Eventually, your equipment is going to need some maintenance, repairs, and parts, no matter what type of equipment you purchase.

It is very important to think ahead about replacement parts when you make your purchase because, without replacement parts, your equipment is basically garbage once something breaks or wears out.

Important questions to ask before you purchase new spray equipment:

  • Which parts will need replacing?
  • Where can I get replacement parts?
  • What is involved in replacing the parts?
  • What parts should I stock?

Here are some additional tips to think about for your Pest & Landscape Equipment:

  • Standardize your equipment to reduce the number of different parts needed
  • Assign equipment to one staff member
  • Observe, Inspect and Ride-Along
  • Encourage reporting of issues
  • Train and retrain your techs

By staying on top of your equipment you will reduce downtime (which is lost revenue), reduce your repair expenses, and reduced missed appointments.

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