Oberdorfer Brass Gear Pump for Pest Control Professionals

Oberdorfer Brass Gear Pump for Pest Control Professionals

Posted by Andrew Greess on Sep 28, 2017

If you work in or own a Pest Control company and don't have an Oberdorfer N4000 in your equipment you should listen up. This is a quality gear pump that is simple and cost effective. The N4000 has a half and inch input and output and generally driven by the belts and pulleys of a Honda engine. Like all equipment use will eventually cause wear and tear. When your gear pump starts to leak simply tighten the packing nut an eighth of a circle turn, then back off a sixteenth. 

Generally speaking, you will get a year of work before that packing nut is turned all the way in and you must take apart the pump and replace with new packing. Widely used in the industry for its ease of use and highly effective. At you can find the gear pump and all replacement parts.

Andrew Greess: Hi. This is Andrew Greess at Quality Equipment, Today, I'm talking about the Oberdorfer brass gear pump. This is the Oberdorfer N4000 half‑inch brass gear pump.

This is a great piece of equipment used by a lot of pest control operators. It's a very simple, cost‑effective pump, does a great job for pest control.

The beauty of this is it's so simple to operate. It has half‑inch input and output. It's driven generally by belts and pulleys by a Honda engine.

The only thing you need to know about this pump other than it's a great pump is this packing nut, eventually, the packing in this pump will start to leak, and it will start to drip right here. All you do is give this packing nut maybe an eighth‑of‑a‑quarter turn, an eighth‑of‑a‑circle turn and then, back it off a 16th.

As it starts to leak, you can turn this packing nut in till it's all the way in. You should be able to get a year or more out of this before you have to actually take the pump apart and put new packing in it.

The beauty of this is it's so simple to operate, very low maintenance. It's a great pump. It's got a funny name, Oberdorfer, but the Oberdorfer N4000 is a great pump for pest control, widely used, and highly recommended. Thanks for watching.