Need Easy Access to Spray Equipment Filters

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 15, 2018

We touched on this topic in our sixth video in this seminar, the importance of filter placement. We have a few other videos covering the same idea with different equipment parts. It’s clearly something we can’t stress enough – DESIGN MATTERS! 

Think through all your steps: How will I clean this?, How will we repair this? A few minutes of your time spent on answering these questions before the bolting down begins will save hours of down time, a number of headaches and a lot of regret.

These are basic, logical questions that you should be ticking off in your head when you buy or build  professional spray equipment. Can I check the filter when the tank is full? If your answer is no, then you need to add a shut off valve. Don’t do it for that reason alone, what if your hose brushes against the hot pump motor, melts a hole and starts spraying chemical all over? How do you stop it? It’s the responsibility as the company owner to ensure the safety of the employees and clients. Allowing chemical to spray all over an employee or dump out on the ground is not responsible and will just be another larger headache to deal with. Poor design will cut into your profitability and productivity.

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Be sure to check out our next video on tank and pump design.

Andrew Greess: Here's another one. I'm going to talk about filters, but at the right ofthat arrow is the filter. If you want your techs to check the filter, you got to make it easy for them. How is someone who's supposed to check that filter reach...? Remember, this is inside the truck, so you got to reach over the truck bed, around the hose reel, and try to open that filter. It's never going to happen.

The other thing is, you can't see it, but the tank penetration, the tank pick up is right at the middle of the tank and there's no shut‑off on us. What that means is, if the water level is above the level of the tank fitting where the suction is, you can't check the filter because it will drain down to the level of the tank penetration.

There's no shut‑off valve there. You need a shut‑off valve there. Not only is this hard to get to, you can't check the filter when the tank is full. Again, when do you have equipment problems? When do you need to do your checking? When you're busy, when your tank is full. Crazy.

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