Avoid Problems By Consulting Experts in Their Field

Avoid Problems By Consulting Experts in Their Field

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 1, 2018

I’m not an expert but...

We’ve all seen these commercials that has a person acting like an expert and when questioned on their authority they essentially say “I’m not an expert, but I stayed in this hotel!” 

Sometimes we see sprayers/rigs that look like someone walking down the street was asked and allowed to design it. Don’t take advice from someone who’s never pulled hose, sprayed or serviced a  sprayer on how to design a sprayer

Qspray is a very experienced company, with a spray equipment expert with many years of experiences servicing and selling spray equipment. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. We can offer you expert advice and service on your landscape and pest control spray equipment.

The next video in the series talks more about bad designs.

Here's another one. This was kind of fun. A customer brought this sprayer in and asked us to do a service on the pump. I'm looking at it and I go, "How do you put gas in that thing?" He says, "I have to unroll all the hose every day to put gas in it." You see? The gas tank is right in front of that arrow.

Again, who cares if you save the 100 bucks or 200 bucks of buying this sprayer if he's going to unroll 300 feet of hose every time he wants to put gas in it? It's insane. When you have sprayers that are designed by a guy who's never pulled hoses, never sprayed, who's never serviced a sprayer, this is the kind of crazy stuff you get.

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