How To Install New Birchmeier Backpack Straps

How To Install New Birchmeier Backpack Straps

Posted by Andrew Greess on Feb 14, 2022

Birchmeier and spray equipment expert Andrew Greess explains how to install the new Birchmeier backpack straps - part number 12054901 - onto Birchmeier backpacks.

The new straps are made to fit the new AT3 Birchmeier backpack sprayers, but they also fit the older style backpack sprayers. A set of clips comes with the new backpack straps for the older style backpacks.

At Qspray, we have received questions from quite a few customers regarding how to put the steel hook clips on the new straps. We created a short video to show you how quick and easy the process is.

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Video Transcript

Birchmeier Backpack Straps 12054901 - Installation Guide

Hello! This is Andrew Greess at Quality Equipment, your spray equipment expert.

Today we're talking about Birchmeier backpack and installing the new style shoulder straps.

The new part number for these shoulder straps is 12054901. And these shoulder straps are designed to fit both the new AT3 style Birchmeier backpack as well as the older style backpack.

This is what comes in the box or the bag. The first part you're going to see are these fixing keys. So the straps are installed in both styles of backpack with the fixing keys the same way you took the old ones out. Nothing has changed at the top of the strap.

What’s which changes the bottom of the strap. The bottom of the strap has this round doohickey here and this is for the new style backpack. And you see it just clips right into there. It's a perfect fit. It's real simple.

The biggest issue seems to be with the old-style backpack and these steel clip or clips that come with it and how do we use those. We've got this question from a number of customers, so we want to do this quick video for you.

So here's a video that shows how to do it.

And then once that metal hook is on there just hooks into the bottom of the old-style backpack like the old-style straps. It's very simple.

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Have a great day!