How to Eliminate 50% of your Pest Control Equipment Problems

Posted by Andrew Greess on Mar 26th 2017

We estimate that as much as 50% of the pest control equipment problems we see in our pest equipment repair shop are related to one simple thing. The Filter.  Clogged filters.  Missing filters screen.  Missing filter gasket.  Improper seal on filter due to damaged gasket.

You have heard me say this a hundred times. Check and clean your  pest control sprayer filter daily.

check your filter gasket

This photo show 2  pest control power sprayer filter gaskets.  The one on the right we took out of a customer's filter.  He came in for service and said he couldn't get any pressure from his pest control spray rig.  The reason was his filter gasket was a mess and was stuffed inside his filter.

The gasket on the left is what the filter gasket is supposed to look like.  After months of exposure to harsh chemicals, the gaskets can swell, curl or degrade.  

Key points:

1.  check and clean your filter every day

2.  when you are done checking your filter, don't drop the gasket on the ground.

3.  When you are done checking your filter, be sure to reinstall the gasket properly so you achieve an airtight seal.

4.  Keep an extra filter gasket on your truck. It is cheap insurance.