How to Clean a Backpack Sprayer

How to Clean a Backpack Sprayer

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 27, 2022

A man operating a backpack sprayer on a farm

Every day you're out on a spray job, you rely on your backpack sprayer to get the job done. You know that if it's not clean or if any of the backpack sprayer parts aren't working properly, it could lead to a botched application and lots of wasted time and money. Many pest control and weed control professionals do not clean their backpack sprayers properly and often enough.

Fortunately, it's not difficult to keep your backpack sprayer clean. Here are expert insights on how to clean a backpack sprayer quickly and easily.

1. Completely Empty the Tank and Inspect it for Debris

The first step in cleaning your backpack sprayer is to completely empty the tank and inspect it for debris. Look for any clogs in the hose or sprinkler head, and remove any that you find. If there is significant dirt or residue inside the tank, use a brush to scrub it clean. Be sure to rinse the tank thoroughly afterward.

2. Run Clean Water Through Your Sprayer

Run clean water through the entire system weekly. This will help remove any debris or chemicals that may have been left over from the last job. Take this opportunity also to ensure that all backpack sprayer parts are still in good condition and properly connected. Check for any cracks, chips, or damage, too.

3. Check for Chemical Debris in the Check Valve

Remove the check valve from the backpack sprayer. Check for any chemical debris in the check valve. If there is, clean it with a brush and warm soapy water solution. Rinse it off under running water to remove all soap or cleaning solution residue. Don't leave any residue inside the backpack sprayer.

4. Check for Gunk in the Sprayer Handle and Spray Tip

Your sprayer handle, trigger, and tip can accumulate gunk after months or years of use. If there is debris build-up, take these components apart to clean them separately. Use a small brush to clean the areas around the trigger and handle. Soak a cloth in vinegar or mild soap and use it to scrub away any dirt or build-up on the spray tip. Reassemble the backpack sprayer parts and test the sprayer out.

5. Check and Clean Out Filters Regularly

Your filters play a vital role in the function of your backpack sprayer, so it’s crucial to check and clean them out regularly. If they get too dirty or clogged, it can prevent your backpack sprayer from working properly. To clean the filters, simply remove them from the backpack sprayer and rinse them off with water. Replace old filters.

6. Train Your Techs to Clean Equipment Regularly

Don't forget to train your spray technicians to clean and inspect all backpack sprayer parts regularly. That way, they won't forget the importance of proper equipment maintenance and hygiene. Backpack technicians should be well-versed with the necessary maintenance procedures to avoid costly downtime caused by failing equipment. Supervisors should inspect equipment to make sure techs are doing regular cleaning.

7. Don’t Forget to Do Annual Preventative Maintenance

Annual preventative maintenance should be a high priority to keep sprayers clean and working in top condition. It’s another great opportunity to clean all sprayer parts and replace any that are worn.

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