How the Pest Control QC Dust Brush from Qspray Can Help with Bed Bugs Pest Control

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jul 17th 2019

Attention bed bug pest control techs! We have a great pest control tool for you right here. The QC Pest Control Dust Brush attached to your puffer duster helps ensure that your fine pest control dust stays exactly where you place it. 

One of the top benefits of the QC Pest Control Dust Brush is when applying a light dust such as Cimexa. The dust brush allows the dust to stay in place and not float in the room. This brush is perfect for dust placement in regards to bed bug application on carpet or baseboards. Dust stays where it is applied. 

Get your QC dust brush on

Andrew Greess: Hi this is Andrew Greess from Quality Equipment & Spray,

Today I'm talking about the QC dust brush. This is a nice addition to your pest control equipment arsenal. And what it does is it fits over the JT puffer duster and it allows you to gently place dust exactly where you need it and leave it there.

So when you're using a light dust for example when you're doing bed bug work this will put the dust exactly where you want it as opposed to all over the room.

And all you do is slide this dust brush on the end of your JT and brush it's a little tight but it'll it'll hold and then you just apply your dust normally.

For example, if you're doing it out of bed or along a cabinet you don't want dust everywhere. It's a great tool so please look for the QC pest control dust brush at Quality Equipment & Spray, thanks so much for watching. Have a great day