QC Pest Control Dust Brush

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QC Pest Control Dust Brush


Dust stays where you place it.  Save time.  Save money.

QC Pest Control Dust Brush fits on the Pest Control Puffer Duster (sold separately).

The benefit of the QC Pest Control Dust Brush when applying a light dust such as Cimexa, is that it allows the dust to stay in place and not float in the room. Perfect for dust placement in regards to bed bug application on carpet or baseboards. Dust stays where it is applied


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Product Videos

QC DustBRUSH Demo Video 01:15

This Video clip shows how to use the QC DustBrush duster attachment and the FlexICU Flashlight and utility holder. The QC DustBrush greatly improves applications to bedding, furniture, and other areas for Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ticks, Lice, and many other home invading pests. Increase your success, reduce drift, and reduce the time on each job with the QC DustBrush and FlexICU. More information at

QC Pest Control Dust Brush

QC Pest Control Dust Brush

MODEL: Dust Brush


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