Cox Hose Reel Drum Replacement

Posted by Andrew Greess on Apr 19, 2016

The Cox Hose Reel drum is a part that rarely needs replacement, but on occasion it's been known to happen. Cox only makes the drum in black now because it is hidden by the hose. If your hose reel was in an accident and dented causing it to spin out of true or perhaps a tech forced too much hose to be wound on one side of the drum it got dented, it would need replacing.  Visit to find all the Cox hose reel parts you may need. We also carry many other brands spare and replacement parts, visit us today.

Andrew Greess: Hi. This is Andrew Greess at Quality Equipment and Spray,

Today, I'm talking about the Cox hose reel. This is the model 1125, which is very popular with our pest, weed and lawn clients. What I want to do is highlight some of the key components, so that you're aware of their function, how they work, how to maintain them, and how to replace them if needed.

Today, I want to talk about the central drum. This is the unit the goes in the center of the two discs that the hose wraps on. This piece does not go bad. When it does go bad, it's usually because of abuse. Either the reel has been knocked in an accident and everything's out of true, or a tech can sometimes wrap too much hose in one area and force crank the reel with too much hose in one area and it can wilt this, in which case the reel will not spin true, and it needs to be replaced when that happens.

This is the drum. They used to do it in each individual color for each reel. Now, they do them all in black because no one cares what the center color of the drum is, but that's what the drum looks like. It's basically a cylinder with a hole cut out of it. That's the purpose it serves and if you have any questions, find us at

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