Cool Weed Control Spray Trailer for City of Phoenix Aviation Department

Cool Weed Control Spray Trailer for City of Phoenix Aviation Department

Posted by Andrew Greess on Apr 19, 2017

We recently delivered this beautiful 200 Gallon  Weed Control Spray Trailer to the City of Phoenix Aviation Department.  

Weed Control Spray trailer


225 Gallon Poly Leg Tank (with hydrant fill and garden hose fill anti-siphons)

Honda GX160 5.5 HP Engine (motor mount raised for easy oil changes & service)

Hypro 7560XL 8-Roller Pump (lots of output for agitation and spraying)

Cox Electric Hose Reel with Roller Guides & 250' of 1/2" Hose (hose reel raised so tech doesn't have to bend over to crank it)

Green Garde Spray Gun on quick disconnects

2 Boom Buster 180-10R Boomless Nozzles on adjustable arms on left & right side.  Adjustable arms can be manually locked in a variety of positions to allow a variety of spray swaths.  There is something to be said for low tech. It is easy to operate and doesn't break.

Weed control sprayer

2 Spraying Systems electric ball valves to control boomless nozzles (powered by separate battery on trailer)

Control box on long cable to allow operator control of nozzles.  This allows  weed spray trailer to be used by any vehicle (as opposed to wiring the electric valves through the trailer wire harness, which only allows the trailer to be operated by a single vehicle. If that vehicle is unavailable, the trailer is useless).

weed sprayer boomless nozzle control box

Steel Toolbox.

All on single axle flatbed trailer.

200 gallon weed control spray trailer

Unlike many government agencies, City of Phoenix values quality work.  If this were a low bid contract, they would not have received such a nice piece of equipment.