Component Mount Power Spray Rig - Efficient & Effective

Component Mount Power Spray Rig - Efficient & Effective

Posted by andrew greess on Mar 9, 2021

There are numerous ways to mount power spray rigs in your vehicle. The most common are skid, truck mount sprayers (aka component mount) and trailer mounts. Skid mount is attaching all the sprayer components on a metal (usually steel or aluminum) frame. The frame is then bolted to the vehicle.

Component mount sprayers: all the components individually to the vehicle, usually a truck or trailer.

trailer mount power sprayer for pest


-Saves money and weight because there’s no skid to buy.

-More flexibility when locating components where they’re convenient for operation and maintenance and to make room for other equipment, such as a toolbox.

-Increases chances equipment will fit when moving it to a new truck.

-Strongly recommended for flatbeds, large trucks and trailers to improve equipment access by moving equipment to the truck sides.


-Takes longer to install because all components (tank, pump, motor, reel) must be bolted down individually.

-Takes longer to move to a different vehicle because each component must be removed and reinstalled in new vehicle.

-Can be difficult to do in smaller vehicles. Gas tank, structural members and other components can make it difficult to bolt components in their desired locations.

Here is a component mount termite spray rig in a utility bed vehicle:

component mount termite sprayer in utilty bed

Qspray ships component mount sprayers (photo below is a weed spray rig)

all over the country.   We build and assemble all the components in our spray equipment shop.

We bolt the components to a pallet and ship it.  The customer bolts the components to his/her vehicle and connects a couple of hoses.  All hoses, fittings, clamps are included and we make it simple to install.

Component mount sprayers

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