Check that Pest Hose Reel for Safety

Check that Pest Hose Reel for Safety

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 12, 2016

If your pest control equipment or weed spray equipment contains a  hose reel, please take 15 seconds before you drive off and check it for safety.  Make sure the hose reel is locked and any spray gun or tool is properly secured.

I am afraid this is something that too many pest / landscape professionals take for granted and here is the proof:

This spray tip was on a pest control gun that bounced out of the vehicle because the technician did not lock the  pest control hose reel.  The gun was dragged down the freeway for quite some distance given how much of the tip is worn away.   There is some good news, 1) as far as we know, no one was killed and 2) the wear pattern on the tip is so perfect it is fair to assume the tech was a very good driver.

This could have been disastrous.  What would have happened if the gun bounced up and hit someone's windshield.  Lawsuit. Business Lost.  Instant Poverty.

Here is another issue.   Hose Reel lock is missing and a jerry-rigged solution using a piece of cord is used.  

CHEAP.  STUPID.  SHORT SIGHTED.  If your company can't afford a reel lock, then a) if you are an employee, find another company to work for, or b) if you are the owner, shut down the company and go work for someone else.

 A few thoughts:

1.  Check your  pest control hose reel before driving off and make sure it is locked

2.  Electric reels don't have locks because if they did, some idiot would burn up the motor by rewinding the reel with it locked.  Anyway, check it for safety & security

3.  Make sure guns are secured in the bed or in some other manner

4.  Equipment on trailers bounces around more than on trucks so if you pull a trailer, be extra cautious.

5.  Periodically test the hose reel lock to make sure it is sound and operating properly. Sometimes they get out of alignment and require an adjustment.

Comments appreciated.

Andrew Greess