Actisol vs. B&G portable sprayer

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 31, 2016

In the market for a pesticide fogger and don't know how to choose between the Actisol Compact Unit or the B&G Portable Aerosol Sprayer? Andrew Greess with Quality Equipment & Spray will give you the highlights and differences of each hopefully giving you a better idea of what makes them different. The Actisol Compact Unit has been proving itself for years, it's a heavy duty machine that is good for high users. It is more expensive than the B&G unit but worth the cost if you are going to use it all day, every day. The B&G PAS (Portable Aerosol Sprayer) is about half the cost and better for light users. One downside we see a lot with this unit is users adjusting the on/off switch for the air, assuming it will change droplet size and pressure. However it ends up leading to product getting into the air lines and causing major damage to the unit. If you would like more information on either product or need any replacement parts for either units visit

Andrew Greess: Hi, I'm Andrew Greess with Quality Equipment & Spray. One of the questions I get asked quite frequently is, "What's the difference between the B&G PAS, Portable Aerosol System, and the Actisol Compact Unit?"

There are quite a few differences. I'd like to share some thoughts on that with you, as well as my personal preferences.

First of all, the Actisol has been around a lot longer. There's a lot more of these units in service. It has been put through the paces quite a bit more.

I would say this is probably a more bulletproof unit. If you're going to be a really heavy user of the machine, then it's worth considering the Actisol.

The downside is it costs quite a bit more. It can be twice as much as the Portable Aerosol System.

The Actisol also has better adjustment of the pressure. The Portable Aerosol System is a nice unit because it's, in some cases, half the price of the Actisol unit.

The downside to the Portable Aerosol System is a mistake we see a lot of people making. There's this off/on knob on the air side of the PAS spray wand. We see customers or clients sometimes trying to adjust the droplet size and the pressure by adjusting the air pressure.

That's a bad idea. That can severely damage this unit.

What I'd say would be, if you're going to be a light‑duty user, definitely go with the PAS. If you're going to be a heavy‑duty user, you want to go with the Actisol.

If price is an issue, the PAS is a good choice. If you're going to be using it all day, every day, and you just want the most bulletproof unit, I'd go with the Actisol unit.

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