Birchmeier Backpack Guarantee

Birchmeier "In Stock" Guarantee



At we view it as our responsibility to you, our Clients, to help keep you operating and productive.  We are committed to having the Birchmeier Backpack sprayer parts you need in stock, all the time.


Here is our Guarantee:


We stock all the parts to the Birchmeier 10K Flox and Birchmeier 15K Iris AT3 sprayers, as well as many of the parts for the old style 10K & 15K.  If you order a part to either of these sprayers, we will have it in stock. If you order online by 12 pm Eastern Time, we will ship same or next day.  If you order after 12pm Eastern time, we will ship the next business day.  If we fail to ship as promised, the part is free.  Shipping charges still apply.




Legal Mumbo Jumbo:   


We must accept the order online for the guarantee to apply.  Guarantee does not apply to phone orders or special orders.  Guarantee limited to one of each part number.  Max guarantee payout is $100 per customer.   Subject to change.