B&G Wand Flashlight

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B&G Wand Flash Light

Clips to your B&G Spray Wand.  See into the dark areas.  

Includes 2 AA Batteries.

NOTE: Wand light may vary from Supplier!

NOTE:  Does NOT include the B&G Sprayer.  Sprayer must be purchased separately.



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Essential Equipment for Your B&G Pest Control Sprayer - Flex ICU Flashlight 01:07 This is a great little attachment for your pest techs! This is a #flashlight holder that attaches your B&G FLashlight to your B&G Wand so techs will never spray in the dark again! Techs will now be able to see exactly what they're spraying behind, under and inside. This is a must-have addition to your B&G Sprayer! Pick up the B&G Flex ICU Flashlight at today. ⭐ At we offer the highest-quality #sprayequipment for #pestcontrol & weed control and landscape professionals on the market at extremely affordable prices. Here you can find professional-grade manual sprayers, power sprayers, backpack sprayers, dusters, bird control cages, bee suits, and everything else you need to get the job done. ? FOLLOW US Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #flashlight #pestcontrol #pesttechs #birchmeier #birchmeierbackpack #sprayer #backpacksprayer #sprayequipmentexpert #pestcontrolsprayers #sprayerparts #QSpray #sprayequipmentexpert #sprayequipment #weedcontrol #landscaping #sprayers #pestcontrolsprayer #weedcontrolsprayer #powersprayer #BGSprayer