Why Buy a Quality Spray Rig

 Why Buy A Spray Rig from Quality Equipment & Spray?

Here are some reasons our Clients trust us for their equipment needs:

       1. Our Expertise:

    • Equipment Expert - Pest Management Professional Magazine
    • Equipment Expert - Landscape Management Magazine
    • Equipment Expert - Pest Control Technology Magazine
    • Equipment Expert - Parks & Rec Business Magazine
    • Equipment Expert - National Pest Management Association Speaker
    • Equipment Expert - - the Leading Source for Spray Equipment productivity information
    • Author of the Industry's Spray Equipment Strategy Bible, "Stop Spraying Money Down the Drain"


        2.  Our Spray Equipment Experience:

    • Our Service Center maintains and repairs thousands of sprayers a year.  We see which designs and components work and which cause problems.
    • We talk to thousands of spray techs every year about what works and what doesn't; what they like and what they don't.
    • We use this information to design our sprayers for safety, productivity and ease of maintenance.  This means less downtime and more profit FOR YOU!


     3.  Our Great Sprayer Designs:

    • We build your sprayer for your business based upon your needs.  It may cost a little more up front.  It may take a bit longer, but it will be exactly what you need and will save you time and money every time you use it.


       4.  Our Quality Craftsmanship:

    • Your sprayer is built by experienced, skilled American technicians.
    •  Top quality components:  Honda engines, Cox Hose Reels, 600 PSI hose, Brass Valves & Fittings for durability, frames welded top and bottom for strength & durability, etc.


       5.  Lower Total Cost:

    • Purchase price is just the tip of the iceberg (click for more).  Have you ever bought something cheap to try to save money and found that it didn't really save you anything?
    •   The true cost of spray equipment includes:
    •   Purchase price
    •   Maintenance costs
    •   Repair costs
    •   Downtime cost
    •   Productivity impact (does the equipment help you or hurt you?)
    •   Longevity (how long will it last?).
    •   REMEMBER - you pay the purchase price only once.  You pay the productivity price EVERY DAY!


  6.  The Trust Our Clients Have In Us for Delivering As Promised

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7.  We are the only company to offer a 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (on our most popular sprayers)