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Scorpions are invading your home.  Act now to protect your family, home & pets.


Arizona Bark Scorpion

Arizona Do It Yourself Pest Control Warehouse – we stock professional grade scorpion control products.

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Pro Grade Do It Yourself Scorpion Control Kit
Cy-Kick aerosol, Suspend insecticide concentrate, 9 LED Blacklight, 6 professional glue boards, safety gloves & glasses. Bonus – includes 1 gallon budget sprayer.

Suspend Insecticide Concentrate – Great for Controlling Scorpions

DeltaDust – dust wall voids, sprinkler control boxes, etc. to control scorpions

Diatomaceous Earth – the natural scorpion control product

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Shop Pro Grade Blacklights to find the scorpions hiding in your home & yard

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Scorpion Mother with Baby Scorpions.