Boric Acid Insecticide Dust - 1 lb

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JT Eaton Answer Boric Acid Dust - 1 pound


Great for control of Ants (except Fire Ants), Crickets, Roaches, Silverfish.

1 pound Boric Acid Dust in easy to apply applicator bottle.


Answer Boric Acid insecticidal dust is a long lasting effective solution for taking care of roaches, palmetto bugs ants, silverfish and fleas. Since the active ingredient composes 99 percent of the insecticidal dust, you get more for your money from this product that can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Dust is non-staining
  • Dust in non-flammable
  • Active ingredient is boric acid
  • Perfect way to eliminate bed bugs, ants, fleas and other insects
  • Simple and effective solution to a pest problem
  • Durable and long lasting

The Boric Acid Powder Insecticidal Dust is an effective control for roaches, palmetto bugs, ants, and silverfish. This dust is long lasting and effective even in small amounts and kills larger roaches and other insects. Low hazard boric acid powder is processed from borax which is a naturally occurring substance widely distributed in the environment


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