Your Power Sprayer Tank is NOT a Trash Can

Posted by Andrew Greess on Feb 18, 2013

The tank on your power sprayer is not a trash can. This may sound obvious, but our spray equipment repair experience proves it is not uncommon for spray techs to use their spray tank as a trash can.

power sprayer tank debrisHere is a great example. Client brought their weed sprayer in for service, reporting pump not functioning properly. We found the power sprayer filter clogged with disposable rubber gloves. The white stuff is dried herbicide. The tech assumed that since there is a hole in the top of the tank, it must be for trash.

This spray equipment problem is common. Some of the stuff we have found in tanks (power sprayer and manual sprayers): beer cans, soda cans, food wrappers, rocks, men's underwear, Honda pull cord. The most common foreign object found in spray tanks: labels from pesticide & herbicide labels. Often the debris gets caught in the filter. Sometimes debris can clog the output line starving the pump. This is particularly a problem with top pickup, which uses a pickup tube to suck material to the top of the tank. Heavy stuff like rocks usually sits in the bottom of the tank.

Here are some key points:

1. instruct techs that nothing goes in the tank except water and chemical

2. techs don't listen, so

3. re-instruct techs that nothing goes in the tank except water and chemical.

4. spot check filters regularly to find/remove any debris

5. periodically completely clean out spray tank. For manual sprayers, clean out monthly; power sprayers clean out quarterly.

6. run clean water through the entire system to help prevent chemical buildup. Consider using a tank cleaner product to increase effectiveness of cleanout.

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