Your Pest Control Equipment - Most Problems Are Avoidable

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jul 23, 2017

Owning, running or managing a pest control business is hard enough without shooting yourself in the foot with equipment issues. Yet that is what so many in the pest control business do. We estimate that way more than 50% of  pest control equipment problems are completely avoidable.

pest control equipment problems clean out pump

Pest control sprayers are used hard every day and exposed to harsh chemicals, long hours of use, rough treatment by technicians and often, extreme temperatures. Clearly equipment is going to wear out and require service. A lot of this can be avoided through preventative maintenance, which is the subject of another post.

I am talking about pest control equipment problems that could have been anticipated and prevented. These problems cost your company money, downtime, angry customers and possible lost business.

In a past life, I ran the industrial engineering department for American Express credit cards. It was our department’s job to review operations and find improvement opportunities to save time and money and improve service. One of the ways we did that was through root cause analysis.

After many years of repairing and maintaining pest control equipment and  pest control spray rigs, we have performed this same root cause analysis.

What we found we amazing. So many of the pest equipment problems we see every day are completely avoidable. Spending just a little time preventing a problem is much faster, cheaper and less stressful than fixing a problem after it occurs. This is especially true in the pest control business where many of our problems can result in extra costs, chemical spills or pissed off customers.

We have assembled our root cause analysis into a list of the TOP 10 Pest Control Equipment Productivity Tips. You can get it here at no cost or obligation.

We hope this valuable information will save you time and money and remind you to think of the next time you need pest control equipment, parts or repair kits. Thanks.