Year Slow Down?  Clean that B&G Sprayer Filter

Year Slow Down? Clean that B&G Sprayer Filter

Dec 27, 2016

Many pest control professionals slow down at year end.  This is a great time to take a look at your B&G Sprayer.  One item that often gets overlooked is the B&G Sprayer Strainer/Filter.  The filter is critical because it keeps debris from getting to and clogging the tip, which will absolutely ruin your day and your productivity.  

One reason the B&G Sprayer filter is often ignored is because it is not the easiest thing in the world to check.  It takes a couple of wrenches and a little bit of knowledge.  

Here is what a clogged B&G Sprayer Strainer/Filter looks like compared to a new one.  You can image how much harder it is to pump up a clogged sprayer.  Continuing to pump a clogged sprayer can cause problems like clogged tips, sprayer damage, downtime, unnecessary repair expense, etc.

Slow times such as year end are a good time to clean all your pest control equipment, not just your B&G Sprayer.  One important caveat:  If you have a tech that is not mechanically minded, don't let him or her do this.  They will cause a lot more damage than you will spend having someone else service the sprayer.