Why Do Telesteps Ladders Cost More than other Telescoping Ladders?

Why Do Telesteps Ladders Cost More than other Telescoping Ladders?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 25, 2020

Telesteps Ladders are an important piece of Pest Control EquipmentTermite Equipment.  They are important for inspections and are much more compact that traditional A-Frame ladders.

But why do they cost more than other types of telescoping ladders?  Good question.  We used to sell those cheap knock-off ladders so I am qualified to answer this question.

Here is why the Telesteps Telescoping Ladders are so much better than those crappy knock-offs:

telesteps ladders



1.  Safety

- Telesteps is the only OSHA and ANSI compliant telescoping ladder.  

- Pivoting silicone feet are safer than a stationary hard plastic or hard rubber foot.

- Two sight windows on each rung that turn from red to green to visually show each rung locked in place.



2.  Quality

I know first hand those cheap knock-offs are inferior quality.  We got so many of them returned to us that we quit selling them.

Want specifics?

- One year manufacturer's warranty

- Dupont Nylon composites are used with Telesteps, instead of molded plastic parts that break often

- Our elliptical shaped side rails are extruded twice, for extra engineering and strength purposes. Round rails (everybody else does) are only extruded once, and they lose their tolerances very quickly.

- Pure aluminum ingot is used, never recycled aluminum.



3.  Great Design & Engineering

- Patented One Touch Release System means no pinched fingers or blisters.

- Wide Professional Steps on our Pro Series models.

- Our ladders are 7-10 Pounds lighter than the competition.

Our customers love that you can carry this ladder in just one hand so that you have your other hand free to carry other critical equipment.  In fact you can throw the Telesteps Ladder over your arm so you have both hands free or use our cool Telesteps Carry Tote - only available at