Which Flowzone Electric Backpack Sprayer Should I Get?

Which Flowzone Electric Backpack Sprayer Should I Get?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jun 7, 2022

This is a question we often get.  

Both the Flowzone Typhoon 2.5 and the Flowzone Cyclone 2.5are great electric backpacks.

Flowzone electric backpack sprayer

Both Flowzone Electric Backpack Sprayers have many of the same great features:

  • rechargeable battery that can go over 2 hours on a charge.
  • ultra-thick backpack straps for extended comfort
  • stainless-steel clips that firmly attach straps to the sprayer tank
  • an added layer of foam back padding
  • ergonomic lid handle for easy pickup
  • additional loops to attach backpack straps for big & tall individuals
  • fully sealed battery cover that clicks in for added water resistance
  • front-facing battery indicator lights
  • a redesigned holster to snugly hold the wand in place
  • a screw-on hose cap keeping water and debris out of the tank

For landscape applications, the Flowzone Typhoon backpack might be a better choice.

For pest control applications, the Flowzone Cyclone electric backpack might be the better choice because it is the are the exact same build and hardware as the Flowzone Typhoon (same quality) but it is  better suited for structural pest, crack & crevice and general pest applications because it puts out nearly 50% LESS liquid output than the Typhoon.  The pump puts out less PSI and less chemical. Plus it is less expensive than the Flowzone Typhoon.

Hope this helps.