What's New in Pest Control Equipment? No Spill Gas Can

What's New in Pest Control Equipment? No Spill Gas Can

Posted by Andrew Greess on May 22, 2016

What's new in  pest control equipmentgas powered spray rigs?  The new No Spill Gas Can.  

This is a great new tool for pest control & landscape professionals that carry gas on their vehicles.  It is a huge improvement over the standard gas can.  The push button operation makes filling your gas engine easy, safe and neat.  They use a really cool design that makes it impossible to overfill your engine.  Almost everyone who uses gas engines knows what it is like to spill gas in their vehicle: messy, smelly, time consuming and expensive.  The design of this landscape gas can also prevent rain or other contaminants from getting into your gasoline and ruining your day.

Other features include: push button control, view stripes to see how much gas you have, fast flow rate.  Unique Auto Stop design makes it impossible to overflow your engine's gas tank

This is Professional Grade  pest control equipment that comes with a 3 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

The can is EPA, California & CPSC compliant. 

Check out the video here  and order today at  no spill gas can.