What are the Pros & Cons of Component Mount Sprayers?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Aug 8, 2013

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Our prior post discussed the pros and cons of skid sprayers.  This post will discuss truck mount sprayers, also known as component mount power sprayers.

There are a number of ways to mount power spray equipment to your vehicle.  The most common are skid mount and component mount.  Skid mount involves mounting all the sprayer components on a metal frame, which is then bolted to the vehicle.  Component mount involves bolting all the components individually to the vehicle.

Pest control sprayers and weed sprayers can be skid mounted or component mounted.

Pros of component mount power sprayers:

- Save money and weight since there is no skid to buy

- More flexibility in locating components where they are convenient for operation and maintenance, and to make room for other equipment, e.g., toolbox.

- More flexibility in moving sprayer to another vehicle. There is a greater probability that the sprayer will fit in a new vehicle since the components can be placed individually.

component mount trailer sprayer

Cons of component mount power sprayers:

- Takes a longer to install since all components (tank, pump/motor, reel) must be bolted down individually

- Takes longer to move to a different vehicle since each individual component must be removed and reinstalled in new vehicle.

- Component mount does not work on some vehicles because a large gas tank makes it difficult to bolt the power sprayer tank to the truck bed. For example, the Chevy Colorado has a large gas tank.  It is not possible to drill through the truck bed above the tank. There is no place to bolt the tank straps to the truck bed.

Component mount sprayers can be mounted in a variety of vehicles: trucks, trailers, atv's etc.


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