What are the Advantages of Gas-Powered Sprayers - Pest & Weed Control?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Sep 22, 2012

I am often asked by customers and prospects, what are the benefits of a gas powered sprayer for pest control & weed control.   Here are my top 5 Benefits of Gas Power Sprayers.

  1. VolumeGas Sprayers generally can put out quite a bit more volume than electric-powered sprayers.  This is very helpful for applications where you need to put down a lot of product and you don’t want it to take all day.

Examples:       Termite Pretreats Weed Preemergent Jobs Driving a large spray boom or boomless nozzles Large tanks requiring jet agitation Granular products requiring a lot of agitation to stay     in suspension

2. Pressure– Gas-powered sprayers generally can put out more pressure than electric sprayers.   Pressure is helpful in throwing water long distances.  High pressure can also be useful in pushing water through a very long hose and in varying droplet size.

Examples:           Spraying high eves on homes Spraying tall trees Need to spray distant, hard to reach areas

3.  Selection– There is a much larger selection and variety of gas-powered pumps available for your pest spray rig or weed spray rig.  It is much easier to find your needed combination of volume and pressure with a gas-powered sprayer than it is with a 12-volt electric sprayer.

4.  Vehicle Flexibility– Because the gas-powered sprayer has its own power source, it can be moved to another vehicle easier than an electric sprayer that relies on the vehicle’s battery.  This flexibility can come in handy if a vehicle is down or is needed for another purpose.