Weed Sprayers - Herbicides are Tough

Weed Sprayers - Herbicides are Tough

Posted by Andrew Greess on Feb 2, 2011

Weed control sprayers are the lifeblood of a weed control company.  Proper care and attention are necessary to ensure proper operation, productivity and minimal downtime.  Most companies do a pretty good job maintaining the key components of the weed spray rig.


The little parts don't get as much attention, but they also matter.  Here is a photo of what herbicides can do to weed sprayer fittings.  The chemical was so corrosive that it literally ate away the steel in this fitting - it looks like a slinky.  Obviously the fitting leaked like crazy.  The same fitting in new condition, is shown on the right side. Small things like this can cost your company money.

Be sure to perform a detailed check of your weed sprayer to try to find problems like this so they don't cause extensive downtime and missed appointments.