Weed Sprayers - 5 Ways to Avoid Expensive Pump Damage

Weed Sprayers - 5 Ways to Avoid Expensive Pump Damage

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 22, 2013

Weed Sprayer | Weed Spray Rig | Deep Root Fertilizer Rig | D30 Diaphragm Pump


These photos show a D30 diaphragm pump from a weed spray rig / deep root fertilizer rig.  The pump is a total loss.  The cost to the company of the pump replacement and downtime is significant. The pump was run for some time without oil in the pump or gear box.  This lack of lubrication caused the pump to destroy itself.

D30 pump shaft totally destroyed.

hypro d30 diaphragm pump body damage

D30 Diaphragm pump body filled with bits of destroyed pump components.

hypro d30 diaphragm pump damage gear rods

Hypro D30 pump rods are completely grooved out and sleeves are covered in pump debris.

hypro d30 diaphragm pump damage gear box

Hypro D30 pump gear box is cracked, which allowed oil to leak out.

This problem was was totally avoidable.  Here are 5 tips to avoid weed sprayer pump damage:

1. Train and retrain technicians on proper use of equipment

2. Check the diaphragm pump oil in the reservoir EVERY TIME before starting engine

3. Check the gear box for oil weekly.

4. Advise technicians to report problems, even suspected problems, promptly.

5. Do regular preventative maintenance.  Don't wait for equipment to fail.