Weed Sprayer - Unique Design for Productivity

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 8, 2010

300 Gallon Weed Spray Trailer, one of a set recently delivered to a local municipality.  Client was very pleased with our work.  There are some really cool features on these weed spray rigs.  I have tried to highlight  a few of these unique items in the video below.

The hose reel is set on a swivel which allows the user to swivel the reel 180 degrees to either side of the spray trailer.  This is helpful, especially on a trailer since the technician can just swivel the reel rather than having to back up or turn around the trailer.

The weed sprayer has 3 electric ball valves to control the 19 foot folding boom.  Usually the switches to control the ball valves are hard wired into the truck cap.  With a trailer this would mean only one truck can pull the trailer.   Our great spray equipment technicians put the switches on a remote box with a long, heavy-duty wire harness.  This allows any truck in the City's fleet to utilize the trailer.

Both these Weed sprayer featuers are designed to boost the Department's spray technicians' productivity.  Comments?  Thoughts?