Weed Spray Trailers - Important Stuff

Weed Spray Trailers - Important Stuff

Posted by Andrew Greess on Feb 13, 2017

Weed Control Spray Trailers can be great tools for your landscape / weed control business.

Here are some design considerations when planning your weed sprayer trailer.

pest control spray trailer single axle1. Tank should be positioned over the axle, then moved slightly forward. You want the trailer to be tongue heavy, not ass-heavy (like this author). This improves the safety and control of the weed trailer while driving.

2. Raise the weed control hose reel up on a hose reel lift so you are not bending over so much to rewind your hose. Your back will appreciate it.

3. Do not get a gate on the trailer. It just adds cost and weight and gets in the way. If your trailer has a gate, consider removing it.

4. Position the gas engine (we only use Honda engines) so that when you pull the cord to start the engine, you are not banging your hand on the pest spray trailer side rail. It will hurt after a while.

5. Position components so that maintenance is easy. Don't cram things in so tightly that you have to remove one component to service another. Do not drill into any structural cross members below the bed. If necessary, shift a component a bit so you do not have to penetrate any structural members other than the trailer bed.

6. When installing your pest control toolbox, be sure to leave clearance for the lid to open fully. We usually install the toolbox so the lid opens facing the rear of the trailer, i.e., the lid hinge is facing forward. If you ever forget to fully close the toolbox, the wind won't break the lid off if facing this direction.

7. Single axle trailers are pretty easy for 1 person to manually move with a trailer dolly. Dual axle trailers usually have to be moved with a vehicle. Think about this when planning your pest control trailer storage location.

8. Secure your trailer at night. They are popular targets with thieves. Finding your trailer missing in the morning will ruin your day.

9. Buy a sturdy trailer with a substantial floor. The trailers sold at the big box home stores usually are not heavy duty enough to hold a water tank without significant additional reinforcement added.

Hope this helps. We get lots of requests from out of state clients for pest control spray trailers. Unfortunately trailers are very expensive to ship. What works well is for the client to purchase a trailer locally, then we build and ship a sprayer to the client. All that is required is to bolt down the components and connect a couple of hose. Request a sprayer quote.