Weed Spray Trailers - Check It Before Driving Off

Weed Spray Trailers - Check It Before Driving Off

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 28, 2016

If you use a Trailer Sprayer in your pest, weed or landscape business, please check out this photo:

I'm sure you can guess what happened here.  The spray tech neglected to check his equipment, in this case the Trailer Sprayer connector.  The plug was either not installed completely or not installed at all and was dragged on the road for who knows how long.

In this case, the impact was strictly financial.

- tech had to cancel appointments and drive to our shop for repair

- Owner had to pay tech to sit on his A-- while we repaired the weed spray trailer

- Owner had to pay for the repair

It could have been worse.  Obviously the tech was driving a spray trailer that had no brake lights, no turn signals and possible no brakes.  It is not impossible to imagine an accident occurring because of this.   Can you say lawsuit?  Just give your company to someone else because the tech was careless.  The risk is too high!

If you have a pest spray trailer or termite spray trailer in your fleet, train your techs to check their equipment BEFORE driving off.  Don't just train them once. Train them repeatedly, and as Ronald Reagan used to say, "Trust but Verify".

A few seconds spent checking your weed spray trailer can prevent BIG PROBLEMS!!!