Weed Control Sprayers - How do you fix this?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Feb 27, 2011

Weed control sprayers must be well designed to support your company's productivity.   You have often heard me discuss how weed control spray rigs must also be designed for ease of maintenance.  Here is a perfect example.  A client brought us this skid mount prayer that had been mounted on his trailer.

Weed sprayer - bad design

In order to service this sprayer, we had to lift it with crane to get under it so we could change hoses.  This is ridiculous.  These should be simple repairs.   This poor design cost the client downtime and money by making the repairs more difficult than need be.

Design for ease of maintenance is not often a feature company owners consider when buying a new weed spray rig.  It is critical that you consider not just purchase price, but total ownership cost when purchasing a power spray rig.  For more information, download our Spray Equipment Strategy E-Kit.