Weed Control Sprayers - 2 Things to NEVER Do

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 30, 2012

Weed control sprayers are an important part of the landscapers business. I don't often use words like always and never because there are exceptions. Here are two truths about weed control spray rigs:

1. Never lend your weed sprayer to a friend. It will always come back damaged. Your friend will always say it was like that when he got it and you will always be stuck paying for the repairs. I can't tell you the number of times we have had landscapers bring their sprayers into us for repairs and explain they lent it to a friend. Your sprayer is expensive and you rely on it. Don't lend it out! 

(photo at right shows diaphragm destroyed by running diaphragm pump dry).

2. Never hire someone from your Church (or synagogue). This will always backfire. I have seen it dozens of times. The company owner needs someone. They figure that this guy goes to my Church so he must share my work ethic and priorities. Wrong! Just because they share some of the same beliefs and faith does not mean they will make a good employee. This always fails. As a corollary, hiring a family member usually fails. I have seen it work on a rare occassion.