Weed Control Sprayer - Little Things Matter

Weed Control Sprayer - Little Things Matter

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jun 14, 2011

weed control sprayer brought in by client with numerous problems.  Some problems were big some problems were small.  When it comes to weed control spray rigs, even the small stuff matters.

Weed control sprayer problems

As you can see in this photo, the transfer hose used has already split on this sprayer, after only a few month's use.  The plastic fittings are cheap and will not hold up in the AZ sun (notice the fitting holding the pressure gauge).

The company that built this weed control power sprayer rig skimped on hoses and fittings (among other things) to cut costs.  Over time, the client did not save any money because these components had to be replaced.

It is important when buying spray equipmentthat you know what you are getting.  Comments?