Water Tank Baffles Improve Pest Control Equipment Safety

Posted by Andrew Greess on Apr 27, 2008

Our customers have been asking for poly tanks water baffles to reduce water surge and improve safety. Until recently, we had no way of providing a solution. As pest control operators go with smaller trucks to save on gas, the issue of tank baffles and vehicle control is even more important.

SurgeBusters is an instant tank baffling system that can be added to any tank with at least an 8" lid. These heavy duty, indestructible units reduce tank surge in all three dimensions. Adding SurgeBusters will reduce surge, improve vehicle control and extend the life of brakes, tires and transmission.

The units are cost-effective and easy to install. One $24 unit is needed for every 30 gallons of tank volume. For $96 you can vastly improve the safety of a 100 gallon sprayer.

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