Video Spray Equipment Tip - Power Spray Hose Problems?

Video Spray Equipment Tip - Power Spray Hose Problems?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jul 30, 2018

We solve lots of power spray hose problems in our spray equipment repair shop.  Many of these problems could have been anticipated and avoided.  A quick inspection of your pest control spray hose can reveal potential problems.  The bad hose can be eliminated before it fails.  Spray hose repair is fast and easy.

It is much faster, cheaper, safer and cleaner, and a lot less stress, to prevent spray hose problems than it is to fix them after they occur.

Brass hose menders can be hard to find.  Check them out here:

Check out this short power spray hose video for a couple of great tips:

Andrew Greess: Hello, this is Andrew Greess of Quality Equipment & Spray, This is the next in a series of spray equipment tips for your pest control and landscape spray equipment. Today we're talking about power spray hose, which is the source of quite a few problems.

We see a lot of people ignoring problems with their spray hose. I wanted to share some examples. Here's a picture of a hose that's split. Here's another picture of hose that's split. Clearly, this is going to be a problem. I mean, the inner layers will hold water for a while, but eventually, this is going to leak and cause a chemical spill.

Here's one with a kind of a divot out of it. Again, this is going to be a problem. This is not the kind of thing you want to live with. Here's one where the hose has just bulged. What probably happened here is either a weak spot in the hose or there's a puncture in the center layers. The water has gotten outside the center layers and is now stretching out the outside layer.

What do you do about this? Well, a couple of things. One is, if the problem is at the end of the hose, which is where it usually is, you just cut it off and reattach your gun. If it's in the center, where cutting it off would be a problem because you wouldn't have much hose left, you can use what's called a hose mender. That's this thing here in the center.

It's generally a piece of brass. They're also in steel, but generally a piece of brass. You just clamp it, cut the hose off so it's nice, even cuts on both the pieces, stick this in the center, then clamp it down. That will be a good fix. Sometimes it's a good temporary fix.

On a permanent basis, it can sometimes be a problem because the clamps as they're wound up inside the hose can cause further damage to the hose. It's something you want to pay attention to. We recommend when you or your techs are rolling the hose back onto your hose reel, you run it through a rag to eliminate debris.

Also, inspect it and make sure there's not a problem. Generally, it's that first 10 or 15 feet that's the problem. Sometimes it's worth cutting that off every year just to prevent problems.

Thanks for listening. When you do need spray hose or any other components for your pest control or landscape sprayers, please visit We sure appreciate it. Thanks so much for watching.