Update on Supply Chain Issues for Pest and Landscape Spray Equipment

Update on Supply Chain Issues for Pest and Landscape Spray Equipment

Posted by Andrew Greess on Aug 31, 2021

Andrew Greess, President of, offers some insight into the current supply chain issues for the landscape and pest control spray equipment industry.

Many industries around the country (and world) are facing issues due to the ongoing pandemic. Suppliers and distributors all over the world are feeling the effects of staffing shortages, raw material shortages, component shortages, transportation issues all when the demand is increasing. 

Greess reviews the status of commonly used materials such as power spray hoses, which they have plenty of, however, Qspray has been hit with multiple pricing increases of late. Additionally, lead times are increasing, so plan ahead.

He also discusses major parts, the first being Hose Reels - which now have lead times of 8-10 weeks instead of 5 DAYS as it was a year ago. Additionally, there have been price increases here. Qspray has the most common reels available and is doing what they can to ensure these stay in stock.

Qspray is having issues receiving Hypro pumps but has a substitute in AR pumps. Pumps, parts and kits for Hypro Roller pumps are a big issue, Comet is announcing delays and the delays are increasing.

Lead time is increasing on tanks and will only get worse. Suppliers are having trouble getting the raw materials. Qspray is currently not selling tanks.

For the pest control industry, Qspray can get B&G sprayer parts, but there are delays on sprayers, termite rods, foggers, foamers, dusters. Some of these are just delayed others are seriously delayed. Grease warns that this will be a big problem going forward.

The vendor with the most delay issues is Green Guard. Qspray currently cannot get Green Guard guns but is substituting JF Oakes guns, which are very similar and is available.

Steel mills are rationing and steel will get more expensive. On the other hand chemicals, pesticides and herbicides seem to be okay, at least for now.

The best advice Greess could give was to plan ahead. The pest and landscape industry will not be “as usual” for at least six months. Plan ahead for needs and usage, don’t wait if you need something and make backup plans.

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