Truck-Mounted Mosquito Foggers

Truck-Mounted Mosquito Foggers

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 11, 2023

We Know Mosquito Foggers

At Qspray, we know mosquito foggers. In fact, we have a contract for truck-mounted mosquito foggers for a large government agency in Arizona. The brand of foggers that we recommend most is Curtis Dyna Fog Mosquito Foggers. Here are some photos of these mosquito foggers after we have mounted them in the government vehicles:

Curtis Dyna Fog mounted in mosquito fogger truck

Side view of truck-mounted Curtis Dyna Fog Mosquito Fogger

Material Selection: A Crucial Concern

We also service many foggers that are brought into us by technicians. One thing about so much of this equipment that always amazes us is material selection. A truck-mounted mosquito fogger can easily cost over $5000. Yet, on so many of them, we see a poor selection of materials.

For example, the filter on the fogger pictured below is designed to be easily accessible so the technician can check and clean the filter. This makes a lot of sense. What doesn't make sense is the low-quality plastic fittings and tubing used.

truck-mounted mosquito fogger filter

This material will not hold up in the elements. When you combine that with the torque that will be put on the fitting and tubing when the technician checks the filter, there's a 99.99% chance that this material will break – putting the mosquito fogger truck out of commission until repairs are performed.

Quality Equipment, Parts & Service stocks Curtis Dyna Fog handheld foggers. We can get you parts for any CDF Fogger as well as order your truck-mounted mosquito foggers. We also perform service and repairs on a wide variety of truck mounts and handheld mosquito foggers.

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The Cost of Ignoring Expert Advice

Here is a perfect example of poor material selection – and poor judgment: A mosquito fogger truck was brought in a while back. The technician asked us to replace one of the fogger’s plastic fittings, which had cracked. We suggested to the tech that since all the fittings were the same material, the same age, and the same number of use hours, all the fittings should be replaced. He replied he was too busy. A few days later, he returned and asked us to replace another cracked fitting.

mosquito fogger plastic fittings

We reiterated our advice to replace all the fittings. He once again ignored us. A week later, he called and made an appointment to replace all the fittings. His company spent unnecessary time and money having him drive the truck across town multiple times for one fitting. It would have been more efficient and cost-effective to replace all the fittings before the peak mosquito season, avoiding the loss of valuable time.

At, we make it easy for you to get your truck-mounted mosquito fogger serviced and repaired before the busy season starts.