Tips on Buying a New Tank — Learn More by Visiting Now

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 14th 2016

When buying a new tank:

  1. Determine what size tank you need based on the number of jobs per day and number of gallons per job.
  2. Tank size:
    1. Too big creates problems for the vehicle (stopping, control, repairs).
    2. Too small will kill productivity.
    3. It’s better to fill a 100-gallon tank halfway then to have to fill a 50-gallon tank twice a day.
  3. Make sure there’s a shut off valve right after the tank fitting so you can shut off the water flow if there’s a problem (for bottom feed tanks).
  4. Make sure it’s easy to open the lid and put chemicals into the tank.

Tank maintenance issues

  1.  You must clean the tank periodically to prevent chemical buildup and debris from getting into the sprayer.
  2. Periodically check to ensure the tank is well secured (straps, bolts).