Tips on Buying a New Power Sprayer

Tips on Buying a New Power Sprayer

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 9, 2015

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Buying equipment without planning exactly what you need
  2. Not asking for help or advice
  3. Buying one sprayer for every possible application
  4. Buying what the salesman is selling instead of what you need
  5. Buying solely on price
  6. Not knowing what you’re getting (even the little parts matter)

Questions to Ask Before Buying

  1. What is the main job (80 percent) of this sprayer?
  2. What is the warranty?
  3. What parts are likely to fail, and where do I buy replacement parts
  4. What maintenance is needed, and how do I do it?
  5. What will it be like once the sprayer is in the vehicle, and how easy will it be for a technician to use the sprayer?
  6. Will there be room for storage (toolboxes)?
  7. Is the sprayer easy to clean?
  8. Is the sprayer easy to service?
  9. Is this the sprayer I want to standardize the fleet with?
  10. If a leak develops, how does it shut off?

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