The B&G Versagun Termite Rod Set

The B&G Versagun Termite Rod Set

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 4, 2015

The B&G Versagun Termite Rod Set is the most popular of B&G termite rod sets. It comes with three different lengths stainless steel rods: 12 inch 7/16", 40 inch 7/16" and 40 inch 5/8" all with the garden hose fitting that screws right into the valve on the Versagun making rod changes quick and easy. For the smaller pipes, the set comes with a foot ram assembly to avoid putting force down on the top of the pipes, potentially bending them during application. Four tips [3 for the 7/16" rods and one for the 5/8" rod] and a splash guard for use on the 7/16" rods completes the kit. Not only does QSpray carry this Termite Rod set but we also carry all the parts that you'd need to repair the equipment and we also carry many more application tips that are available for these sprayer rods.

Andrew Greess: Hi, I'm Andrew Greess with Quality Equipment and Spray.

Today I'm here to talk about the B&G Versagun Termite Rod Set.   This is the most-popular of the B&G termite rod sets.

This is what comes in the box. You get the B&G Versagun. You get three termite rods. You get the 12-inch 7/16” stainless steel pipe. You get the 40 inch stainless steel 7/16” inch pipe. You get the 40-inch much larger 5/8” stainless steel pipe.

These all have easy to install garden hose fittings that just screw right onto the valve, won't take you 30 seconds to install the different pipes.

For the narrower pipes, the 7/16ths inch pipes, we've got this foot ram assembly. Because they're a little narrower, B&G doesn't want you pushing down at the top. They'd rather have you put this on the pipe towards the bottom and step on it with your foot. It also has the cone seal to prevent splash up.

We can also use this splash guard for the 7/16” pipe.

Four tips come with this termite rod set. We've got the larger tip for the 5/8” termite rod. These just also screw in. We've got three tips for the 7/16” termite rod set.

One of the things about as opposed to other places, to buy this kind of equipment is we have all the parts to rebuild the Versagun, and we have all the replacement pipes, and we have all the tips. There's actually quite a few more tips than are seen here. We have all the tips and all the replacement parts.

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