The B&G QCG 420 Termite Rod Kit

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 7, 2015

The B&G Quick Change Gun 420 Termite Rod set is complete with everything you would need. It comes with a foot ram assembly for the two 7/16" pipes so you push at the bottom with your foot and there is less chance of you bending the pipe. Includes a splash guard and three different tips for the smaller 7/16" pipes and one for the 5/8" pipe. But in case you want or need more a selection, we at QSpray sell every tip that B&G has. We also sell all the replacement parts for the termite valve should you need any of those for repair then visit us at

Andrew Greess: Hi, this is Andrew Greess of Quality Equipment & Spray. I'm here today to talk to you about the B&G termite rod set, the QCG, quick change gun, also known as the 420 Termite Rod Set.

It comes with the QCG, quick change gun. It comes with three pipes, the 7/16” shorter pipe which is 12 inches. This is great for treating in tight spaces like under sinks. There is the 7/16” pipe 40 inches long, and the 40-inch 5/8” pipe, which is a much wider diameter and puts down a lot more chemicals, and is a lot sturdier.

You've got the foot ram assembly, which installs at the bottom of the two 7/16” pipes, so you're pushing down at the bottom of the pipe with your foot. We don't want you pushing down at the top. You might bend those pipes.

We've also got a splash guard for the smaller pipes. We've got three tips for the smaller 7/16” inch pipe, and one tip for the larger 5/8” pipe.

This is what comes in the box of your B&G 420 Termite Rod Set. Something to keep in mind, at we not only sell the set, but we've got all the replacement parts to repair your termite valve.

We've got replacement pipes. We've got the foot ram assembly, and we've got every tip B&G makes. There's actually quite a few more tips than you see here that come in the set.

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