Termite Tools - Termite Bullet Plugs Fill the Space

Termite Tools - Termite Bullet Plugs Fill the Space

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 12, 2016

When the work is done, the tech has come in with the drill and gotten the pest spray down where the termites are living. Maybe a carpet or tile punch we recently highlighted on our channel was used and that gets filled back in easily with the piece punched out. What happens when there is nothing to put back? How do you fill the hole? Luckily there are Termite Bullet Plugs. Made in a variety of sizes to fill any hole and they come in bags of 500. 

To order these Bullet Plugs or the Carpet/Tile Punch visit We carry a variety of termite tools and accessories.

Andrew Greess: Hi, this is Andrew Greess with We're your supplier for all your termite equipment needs; from power sprayers, to hand tools, to everything else in between.

One of the termite tools I want to talk about today is the Bullet Plug. It is great tool for those of you who use termite drilling and injection, and it's just so quick and easy.

Once you drill your hole and you're done, you just grab a strand of these bullet plugs, pull it off, stick in the hole. It's completely rubber. There's no cellulose, so you won't have termites eating your termite plugs. They come 500 to a pack. We've got a variety of different sizes.

Please check us out for your termite plugs and all your other termite equipment needs at Thanks so much for watching. Have a great day.