Telestep Ladders – What are the Advantages?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Mar 10, 2013

Telesteps telescoping ladders are a great ladder for a variety of professional and home users.

Telestep ladders are a great choice for contractors, pest control professionals, home inspectors, insurance adjusters and anyone who needs a compact ladder.

telesteps 1600ep telescoping ladderIn my last post, I discussed the disadvantages of Telesteps ladders. In this post, I will discuss why I think they are a great choice for many professionals and property owners.

Telesteps Advantages:

- Telesteps ladders are compact and can fit almost anywhere, e.g., in a closet, in the trunk of your car, behind the seat of your truck.

- No need for a ladder rack, if you carry the ladder with you in a vehicle. This saves you hundreds of dollars and improves the look of your vehicle.

- Telesteps ladders are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry to your job site.

- Telesteps ladders are the only telescoping ladder to carry OSHA & ANSI certifications.

- Safety: Telesteps ladders use a unique color coded window to tell you when the ladder is properly locked in place.

- High quality, aircraft-grade aluminum construction with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

- Easy to use: one touch release system.

- Flexibility: you can open Telesteps to the length you need. If you have a 12’ telestep ladder and are working on a 6’ job, you can open Telesteps to the size you need.